Koukounaries, Skiathos, Magnisia


SKIATHOS... A unique experience

The modern visitor to Greece wants an all-round experience which goes beyond the sun and the sea. Skiathos, unique by nature, with its beautiful beaches and the endless green of its forests, offers many possibilities, along with boundless hospitality, exceptional quality and excellent service.

Enjoy a positive and unforgettable tourist experience, one which offers cultural excursions through the geography and history of the island, water sports, diving, yoga and relaxation, trekking, plane spotting, innovative traditional or gourmet food tasting excursions, wine tasting, a thriving nightlife, as well as traditional holidays, such as enjoying Easter Skiathos style, with its distinctive customs and night-long festivities.

From May to October, Skiathos enjoys summer and invites you to experience it with all your senses.

The enchanting beach of Koukounaries is famous for its forest which stretches almost to the sea and for the Strofilia saltwater lagoon enclosed by it, a rare wetland area which is now protected.

The habitat of Koukounaries, located west of the island, is according to the NATURA 2000 network, a place of Community Importance with code GR 1430003 "Koukounaries and the wider sea area", is protected by special environmental regulations, and is the only habitat of pine cones, on an island in the Mediterranean.


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