Koukounaries, Skiathos, Magnisia


Nautical Club of Skiathos was founded in 1983 by a group of people with a passion for the sea and sailing. Skiathos is famous for its glorious naval tradition, and the establishment of the nautical club was necessary in order to preserve maritime heritage.

In 2014, a new chapter was started; two open-sea sailing schools had already been founded and registrations for triangle sailing schools had already been held all over the year, under the supervision of a certified sailing instructor, with more than 100 children attending. Furthermore, the Club offers great assistance in promoting Skiathos around the world by participating in tourism fairs, choosing the legendary “Traité de Rome” to join its training and racing program, organizing together with the Yacht Club of Greece the successful Skiathos Palace Cup 2016.

 Its vision is to remain active, maintaining its sailing and sports sections throughout the year, expanding its social activities to a wider range, organizing and participating in sailing competitions, and increasing its members, supporters, and athletes, first of all in the local community, but also among the visitors of the island.

 Club’s aim is to maintain sailing courses throughout the year, expand social activities, organize races and participate in regattas, increase members, supporters, and athletes. Another goal is to make sailing a way of life for locals and promote Skiathos as an ideal destination for sailing competitions.

 The journey continues!

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